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Yahoo Support Number

To get the customer support, you simply need to dial the Yahoo support number. Furthermore, as you dial the toll-free number, you will get full specialized help. Equally, to make Yahoo email account simple to access, the Yahoo customer service Team offers you complete help.

How to Organize and Manage Yahoo Email Account

Yahoo is a very popular email service provider and managing it is as easy as using it. Organizing your email account is very important to give it a clean look and make it convenient to use for yourself. There are different ways in which you can give your Yahoo account an organized look. You can also call at the Yahoo Customer Service Number if you need any guidance from the technical executives.


Following are the steps which will help you manage your Yahoo mail inbox:


  • You can create different filters to forward a particular mail to a particular folder. To create a new filter,


1. Go to the settings option.
2. Then, click on ‘Filters’ option.
3. Then click on ‘Add’.
4. Now, enter a name for the filter you have created and the criteria.
5. Select the folder where you want emails to be delivered.
6. Save all the changes made by you.


  • If you want to change an existing filter, you can edit it from the settings. Click on the edit option of the filter and then save the changes.
  • You can also set the priority of the filters created by moving them up or down.
  • If you no longer need a filter you can delete it from the settings and make sure to save the changes. 


If you want to manage your Yahoo account settings, then: 


  • Log in to Yahoo account and go to the ‘Account Info’ section.
  • Under the Personal Info section, click on your name and:


1. Edit your name.
2. Add another email address.
3. Add the Yahoo messenger handle.
4. Add a phone number or website you want to add with your account.
5. Save the changes by clicking ‘Save’.


  • Now click on the ‘Account Security’ tab to:


1. Change your password.
2. Add or remove phone number or any recovery email address for verification.
3. Activate the two-step verification.


  • Next, click on the ‘Preferences tab’ to:


1. Change the location, language, and preferences.

2. You can add your current location.
3. You can set the language in which you want to view the Yahoo content.
4. Change the content preferences if you want to configure linked accounts.


  • Edit email settings by clicking on the settings icon. Through this you can make changes in mail filtering, Security settings, how you view or write any email and click on save after making the required changes.


This is how you can organize and manage your Yahoo account in a better way and can also contact at the Yahoo Technical Support Number for further queries.